Sunday, February 14, 2010

Eden suprises us once again!

Toss alaways plays a kep role in India. The reason quite simple; No touring side would want to bat last against the strength of India- Spinners.

So when the South Africans won the toss (once again) Millions of India fans were a tag disappointed for two reasons. The first that India would once agian would bat last and our spinners would be ineffective on day 1 track & second being a Sunday everyone was looking forward to seeing India batsman thrash South African bowlers to all corners of Eden.

If the toss was disappointing, what was to follow was even worse. Excepct for Zaheers early dismisal (a delight for TV audiences, its so fun to see the wicket go cart walking) of this buddy Graham Smith, the entire morning session belonged to a debutant and Amla. For an optimistic India fan the early dismisal would have meant that India would be dominating the proceedings, esp when the wicket was of the oposition captain. The probabilities were in India`s favour- After all how may times would you see a debutant scoring runs and that Amla was bound to fail.

But the Indian fans were let down, as both Amla and Peterson flayed with the bowling attack which looked mediocre to say the least. By tea the frustation levels starting mounting. The India fans were fealing despondent, Sunday was no more a fun day.Some pondered off to watch MNIK and other`s just dabbled with other tv channels, oblivious what was in store for them.

If first two sessions belonged to South Africa then surely the last session went to India. Eden gardens erupted and India`s were back with a bang, by not just capturing one or two wickets but by anhiliating the South African batting. Harbhajan was once again on a hat-trick and his post wicket taking dramatics displaying joy and celebrations brought back the memories of 2001- India vs Australia.

Eden garden suprised us once again; when all hope was lost and depondency was creaping in, Indians fought backm truly displaying the quality of being the No 1 team in the world. Before tea one of my friend remarked "We need a miracle to come back into the match, I said to him miracle do happen, never did i knew it would happen so soon! w

well done India.

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